9 Zero Modular Sofa

9.zero is a modular seating system. The easy-to-build material of these 9 basic modules allows the realization of a large number of compositions to meet the various requirements of space and functionality. The structures are made up of nine slats, nine inches each, in sanded and oiled Indonesian teak wood. The padding is made of quick dry foam all covered with fabrics from Atmosphera outdoor collection.

Teak and Water Resistant Fabrics in Foam

Cat A, B, C

Modular Sofa, Dimension Varies, Ask in store for more
Cover available in Request

ATMOSPHERA is a brand linked to the world of outdoor design that for over 15 years has represented a point of reference for the international market, dictating its style and sophistication. The continuous search for innovative solutions explores multiple situations, complex markets and different cultures: from the domestic environment to hospitality spaces, from the world of well-being to the care of public spaces in a professional environment.
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