Aves was created by Swedish architect and artist Co Derr. He was very keen on finding the essentials of the motive bird, and throughout his career he tried to simplify the shape of Aves until he reached a form, that could be perceived as the essence of a bird. In that way Aves stands as a testimony of the eternal essential shapes that lie behind timeless designs. Aves comes in three different sizes and they differ from one another, to accentuate the statement that there is something unique in the general.

Solid Brass, Polished


Small: H3,5 cm, Medium: H4,5 cm, Large: H6,5 cm

They scour archives, drawings and museums to reveal what makes for mastery. The result? Architectmade is a glimpse into a few, rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. Why do they do it? Their passion goes beyond form and function. They believe in moving away from a throw away culture and celebrating timeless products that last. These are products you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, they are made to stand the test of time. The Architectmade objects are designed to share, for generations to come.