BC Wall Lamp

The BC1, BC2 and BC3 wall lamps are the epitome of sturdy construction, aesthetic sobriety and functional quality. Their various shade options, including linen, stitched parchment or ribbon, and their sober use of materials makes them ideal for a variety of situations. The BC2 is a fixed wall lamp, while the BC1 and BC3 are swivel models, with or without external electric cabling.

Structure with cylindrical acrylsatiné methacrylate diffuser.
Structure with cylindrical acrylsatiné methacrylate diffuser.
Metallic graphite black square canopy included.
Polyester lampshade.

Satin nickel structure and beech wood handle.
BC1: Moveable arm with plug.
BC3: Moveable arm.
Shade available in 7 finishes: Stitched beige parchment; natural, red-amber or black ribbon and terracotta, mustard or green Raw Color ribbon.
Dimmer included.

D35cm x H44cm

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