Cigar Bubble Pendant Lamp

Part of the Nelson Bubble Lamp series, the Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant has the rounded shape of its namesake, with clean parallel lines accentuating its spherical silhouette. The lamp comes with a steel ceiling plate, which allows it to it delicately float overhead. George Nelson designed the Bubble Lamp series in 1952.

LIGHT SOURCE / E27 (not included) Max. 60W

SHADE: Webbing polymer.
FRAME TOP & BOTTOM RING: Coated and brushed metal and nickel.
CABLE: White PVC isolation.

Off White

SMALL: D26,5 cm x H35,5 cm
MEDIUM: D33 cm x H35 cm
LARGE: D38 cm x H84 cm

Cord Length: 183 cm

In 1952, George Nelson was inspired by a set of silk-covered Swedish hanging lamps that were lovely, but tedious to produce. He soon went to work designing his own series of lamps—and a more efficient process for making them. He used a resinous lacquer developed by the military for protecting decommissioned ships and planes. After spraying the lacquer over a wire cage, he coated the form in plastic to create a smooth, translucent skin. Today, Nelson Bubble Lamps are made the same way, with slight updates to extend their durability.