Dot Pendant Light
by Lumina

DOT is a minimal pendant light that gives the appearance of a floating disc of light. It is an assembly of two parallel discs connected by a metal stem. The reflector has a super-matte white finish and is available in three different sizes: ø60cm, ø80cm, ø110cm. The smaller disc contains a ring of LEDs that bounce the light off the larger reflector disc. A custom made heat-pipe transfers the heat from the light engine into the heat sink in the reflector. This has made the extreme miniaturisation of the head possible. Showcasing an innovative approach towards lens technology and temperature transfer the lamp is suitable for use as a single pendant or a chandelier cluster.

Aluminium structure with steel matt-painted reflector

Black, Brass

Dot 600D12/60cm x H 25,5cm 21 W Led source
Dot 800 D15/80cm x H33cm W39 Led source
Dot 1100 D20/110cm x H45,5cm W led source

Our story began with an idea: “Lots of light, not much lamp”. That was in 1975, when Tommaso Cimini created Daphine. A lamp that museums, libraries and countless people still ask us for. The means were scarce, but our passion for light was huge.
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