Ears Chair

The Ears chair by Viccarbe was named after the rounded edges of its oak plywood seat – bent to the sides like ears – that support the body when sitting. Designed by Piero Lissoni, the multifunctional Ears chair will find its place by a dining table or café table, as well as in an office, library or lobby. Viccarbe’s Ears collection consists of several different chair models with wood and metal finishes.

Matt stained curved oak plywood

Black stained oak

W51, 5 cm x D51cm x SH46,5cm/H79,5cm x SD37cm

Viccarbe collection shows the value and references for a contemporaly style of living, with a wide range of products for comfortable living. It is distinguished by great simplicity, innovate elegance and global brand awereness. also, it can relate to the user thanks to its natural integration into different surroundings. This collection is ideal for people who live in the present and think of the future.
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