Eave Dining Sofa

The architecture-inspired Eave collection gains a new member this season with the addition of a banquette. Eave Dining Sofa is designed to meet the needs of contract and residential design, blurring the lines between the private and the public. Creating a welcoming fusion of sofa and bench to bring a homely aesthetic to new territories, the functional new design is set on slender metal legs for a light expression and easy access to the floor for cleaning. The softly minimalist sofa is offered in a range of standard sizes well suited for use in restaurants and hotels, but also for the home as a substitute for a bench or traditional dining chairs. Bespoke solutions accommodate individual requirements for height, length and depth, as well as upholstery fabric. Mastering the fine balance between creating a design that fits seamlessly into a space while retaining a sense of character that makes it stand out, Eave Banquette is a lasting piece of design crafted to the highest standards. With unlimited opportunities to extend the configuration, all you need to do is lean back and enjoy the meal.

PU Foam
Modules are secured to each other with adjustable hooks and anchors

Savanna 202, Safari 012, Champion 035, Menu Boucle 02, Menu Boucle 06, Menu Boucle 08, Menu Boucle 16

Eave Dining Sofa Corner:
H: 79 cm, W: 75 cm, D: 75 cm, SH: 48 cm
Eave Dining Sofa 80:
H: 79 cm, W: 165 cm, D: 75 cm, SH: 48 cm
Eave Dining Sofa 165:
H: 79 cm, W: 165 cm, D: 75 cm, SH: 48 cm
Eave Dining Sofa 200:
H: 79 cm, W: 200 cm, D: 75 cm, SH: 48 cm
Eave Dining Sofa 280:
H: 79 cm, W: 280 cm, D: 75 cm, SH: 48 cm

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