Eave Modular Sofa, 96

Inspired by architecture Eave Modular Sofa takes its name from “eaves” – the lower edges of the roof that overhang a wall. The sofa’s distinctive detail is its internal “eaves” – curved upholstered armrests that lend the sofa its expressive character. A perfect blend of style and comfort, Eave is a generous sofa that will encourage owners to relax. The seating angle is also ideal for offices or public spaces, enabling the user to sit actively engaging with work. Figure out your own configuration to suit your space.

PU Foam
Modules are secured to each other with adjustable hooks and anchors

Savanna 202, Safari 012, Champion 035, Menu Boucle 02, Menu Boucle 06, Menu Boucle 08, Menu Boucle 16

Corner Section:
H: 70,5 cm, W: 96 cm, D: 96 cm
Seat Height: 40,5 cm

Open Section:
H: 70,5 cm, W: 75 cm, D: 96 cm
Seat Height: 40,5 cm

Pouf Section:
H: 40,5 cm, W: 96 cm, D: 96 cm,
Seat Height: 40,5 cm

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