EJ280 Pure Sofa

EJ 280 Pure is designed by Erik Jørgensen Design Team, where the second generation of the Jørgensen family drew from their great knowledge of furniture craft. In 1970, Erik Jørgensen designed the classic EJ 220 sofa, which has become the foundation to Erik Jørgensen The Manufactory’s furniture collection, as well becoming the archetype of the Danish box sofa. In 2010, the classic sofa was reintroduced as a softer lounge version that carries the name EJ 280. A classy and comfortable sofa with big cushions.

With Pure, there is focus on a high level of seating comfort and quality. In contrast to its predecessor EJ 220, the newer sofa Pure is without the loose cushions. Furthermore, the Pure sofa has larger and longer cushions, which creates a nice lounge look. The sofa is available with either steel or chromed legs and it can be made as a two-and-a-half- or three-person sofa. An addition is that a footstool can be made, and this works as a beautiful extension to the sofa.

Removable cushion covers, fixed frame covers.
Base in natural or smoked oak.

L212cm x D90cm x H73cm (Seat height: 42cm)
L240cm x D90cm x H73cm (Seat height: 42cm)

L68cm x D86cm (Seat height: 42cm)

Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik aims to produce furniture that lasts. Not only for use but also to beautify the surroundings, and open people's eyes to new ways of seeing and making furniture. A passion for design and good craftsmanship is what characterizes Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.
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