Eva Table Light
by Lumina
The Lumina Eva is a tabletop indirect up-light. The entire assembly sits within a glass tube with a round mechanised aluminium base housing a single LED. The LED projects light upwards onto a reflective cone. Wrapped around the base is a grooved, free-moving wheel that works as the dimmer. Table lamp for indirect lighting with a 18 W LED source; light intensity is adjustable through a rotating dimmer. Aluminium structure with transparent glass diffuser.

Aluminium and Glass

Anodised Black, Anodised Brass

D18cm x H30cm
Dimmer, 18,8 W LED source

Our story began with an idea: “Lots of light, not much lamp”. That was in 1975, when Tommaso Cimini created Daphine. A lamp that museums, libraries and countless people still ask us for. The means were scarce, but our passion for light was huge.
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