Flexilied L60 Leather Wall Lamp

An iconic Contardi model, Flexiled is available in “STEEL” version and in “LEATHER” version: in the first one the flexible arm is covered with a braided steel mesh, then wrapped in a transparent sheath.‎ In the second one it is covered by leather with double stiching on the sides.‎ Flexiled is characterised by high quality standards, starting with the use of a flexible brass arm (12 mm diameter), which guarantees solidity and absence of squeaking even after prolonged use.‎ A ì high level of engineering and dissipation of the LED make sure that the temperature on the lamp head remains within the correct limits even after 24 hours of uninterrupted use.‎ Easily “customizable” in leather colours, arm length and shape and the wall plate finish.‎

Frame:Leather, Base:Satin Nickel or Satin Bronze

Black, Ivory, Brown

BASE: L: 5 cm, W: 3 cm, H: 10 cm,FRAME: 60 cm, weight: 0,5 kg

Contardi is based in Cesano Maderno (MB), in the Brianza district, one of the beating hearts of the manufacturing “Made in Italy”. The Company develops its business through the Home Division, represented by the products of the Contardi collection, and the Contract Division, specialized instead in "tailor-made" products, the ideal solution for the hospitality industry. Thanks to its sartorial approach, particularly appreciated in the execution of the product, in the variety of materials used as well as in the elegance of the finishes combined with the most innovative LED technologies, Contardi has earned the name of "Couturier of light", thus describing a modern and very eclectic company.
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