Fourways Carpet

The Fourways design is a combination of four wide stripes that create a play of colors, giving rhythm and structure.

86% paper yarn (weft), 14% cotton (warp)

Onyx Black, Turquoise Dark Blue, Brass Nutria, Turquoise Graphite, Graphite Stone, Light Grey White

Carpets are supplied to order.
Finishing: Various edges please ask for details.

Known for its rigorous standards, the Finnish company Woodnotes designs and manufactures products and concepts inspired by paper yarn for homes and public spaces. The original concept behind Woodnotes products was to combine artistic creativity inspired by Finland’s rugged nature with advanced technologies to shape of Finnish raw materials: wood and paper. Woodnotes is the first company in the world to use paper yarn in a contemporary way in functional textiles. The Woodnotes products collection, which has expanded over the years from carpets to a comprehensive concept, is recognized around the globe for elegant design and superior quality.