ISO A-B Side Table

With these two side-tables ISO-A (round) and ISO-B (square), POOL studio reaffirms its hyper graphic style. Each one of these tables taken individually highlight a pattern, the two tables presented together create a new one. Their superposition gives birth to a”moiré”effect, and the pattern becomes alive.


Burgundy, Black, White, Blue

ISO A: D47cm x H45cm
ISO B: W40cm x L40cm x H42,5cm

Petite Friture is an ethos brand. When Petite Friture was founded in 2009, it had no aesthetic manifesto; its methodology was born of intuition, fascination and conviction. Be that as it may, the aesthetic vision of Petite Friture is palpable : Petite Friture boldly asserts its own distinctive aesthetic and a keen take on contemporary design. But beauty, here, is merely a pretext. A pretext for an encounter that breathes optimism and freedom ; that is generous and daring, open and demanding. An encounter that resonates and uplifts.
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