Jules Furniture Knob

Inspired by the work of Belgian designer Jules Wabbes, the ‘Jules’ collection expresses both sensuality and character with its deep brown finish. The eight models of the ‘Jules’ collection present subtle and ergonomic shaping, refined detailing which combines elegance and functionality.

This product can be made out of the material of your choice. Designer: Vincent Van Duysen 

Brushed Aluminum,  Inox look, Satin Black Aluminium

Gold plated, Satin brass, Polished brass, gold lacquered, Polished brass, gold lacquered,  Satin brass, gold lacquered, Satin brass, gold lacquered, Gold plated shiny ocher patina, Gold plated shiny ocher patina, Gold plated with satin nut patina, Gold plated with satin nut patina,  Gold plated with shiny nut patina, Gold plated with shiny nut patina, Antique brass, Antique brass, Oil-rubbed bronze, Oil-rubbed bronze, Old silver, Old silver

S: L30mm x P23mm
M: L40mm xP25mm
L: L60mm x P30mm

With more than a century of expertise, Maison Vervloet successfully marries local craftsmanship with an international distribution. They lead projects worldwide - small to large - from their atelier in Brussels. Whether you are looking for a decorative hardware object with a unique signature to ennoble your project, or simply want to replace a lost cabinet handle, you can turn to Maison Vervloet. This family owned company has the rare talent to make any design dream possible, while staying true to their own handmade signature.