Knot Table Lamp Battery Outdoor
by Brokis

KNOT is a collection of stately lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent handblown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified.

Designs: Chiaramonte Marin

Handmade glass in cilindro shape with natural luxury rope.
Knot Battery is a portable battery-powered light offering approximately 4.5 hours of operation at full brightness. The LED module is integrated into the metal base of the light. The light is equipped with a magnetic connector Magconn for charging via USB. On, off, and brightness settings are controlled by means of a touch dimmer in the base. The outer rope is treated with a special penetrant to protect it against atmospheric influences. The light comes with its own USB charging cable.

D30cm x H42cm

Brokis produces exclusive glass lighting born of the skill of outstanding artisans continuing the age-old Bohemian glassblowing tradition. Its original lighting collections are designed by world-renowned Czech and international artists and have won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions both at home and abroad.