Knot Table Lamp
by Brokis

Designed by Italian duo Chiaramonte Marin, the new Knot table light complements the collections of stately pendant lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent blown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified.  The led light source in the knot table is housed in a handsome bottom part which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in refined metal.

Designs: Chiaramonte Marin

Handmade glass in cilindro shape with natural luxury rope
Glass colors: Smoke brown, Opaline, Smoke Grey, Transparent Glass
Surface Finish:Chrome, Copper, Brass, Brushed stainless steel

D30cm x H42cm

Brokis produces exclusive glass lighting born of the skill of outstanding artisans continuing the age-old Bohemian glassblowing tradition. Its original lighting collections are designed by world-renowned Czech and international artists and have won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions both at home and abroad.