Lightline Table Lamp
by Brokis

In its every component, the Lightline collection is a celebration of glass as an artistic medium. The concept of a line of light is rooted in the varying characteristics of the material and its forms. The design employs the effect of light uniformly dispersed over a sandblasted surface, which in profile creates the impression of a luminous line.

The LED light source is embedded in the base beneath a metal and triplex-opal glass shroud. The upper surface, sandblasted by hand, is treated with a special nano coating to prevent the accumulation of dust and smudges. The collection comprises four table lamps that cast a light of intimate character.

Design: Lucie Koldova

Sandblasted Glass.
Glass colors: Amber, Red, Violet, Menthol, Blue, Opaline, Orange, Smoke Grey, Transparent
Bottom Part:Dark Smoke Grey, Transparent with Surface Finish: Glossy, Velvet Matte

Small D32cm x H35cm
Medium: D40cm x H41cm
Large:D48cm x H34cm D36cm x H60cm

Brokis produces exclusive glass lighting born of the skill of outstanding artisans continuing the age-old Bohemian glassblowing tradition. Its original lighting collections are designed by world-renowned Czech and international artists and have won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions both at home and abroad.