Lune and Satellite pendant lamp

These ” sculpture lights “, characterised by their fluidity, their ethereality, their form and their transparency, are all about the subtle interplay of light and shadow.
The reflections, shimmers, patterns and vibrations they create dance off the walls. Éric de Dormaël’s creations bring forth images, they leave impressions and they provoke sensations.
Lune & Satellite form a new duo. Inexistent in interstellar space, this meeting imagined by Eric de Dormaël, goes beyond the cosmic laws to enchant the earthly interiors.

Glass, natural brushed brass

Glass, natural brushed brass

LUNE (L x P x H in cm) : 24 x 21 x 14.5
SATELLITE : 5 cm diameter

DCW’s éditions production is the epitome of the object as a companion to living well, an object that is designed to last and act as a relay baton between generations. All that matters is to produce object that are true, honest and will stand the test of time.
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