Moaré Pendant Lamp

Moaré’s multiple combinations of formats and colours make it highly versatile. The series takes its name from the Moiré effect, an asymmetrical optical illusion of water, produced by its superimposed textures against the light. And its well-proportioned outer geometry guarantees to safeguard its personality regardless of the chosen option.

Structure with cylindrical acrylsatiné methacrylate diffuser.
Structure with cylindrical acrylsatiné methacrylate diffuser.
Metallic graphite black square canopy included.
Polyester lampshade.

Two superimposed cylindrical polyester lampshades.
With a range of sizes and colours (white, red, grey and black), numerous combinations are possible.

L46cm x H45cm
Moaré Liviana: L35cm x H28cm

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