Moebius Coffee Table
by Objekto

Moebius is an elegant, curious and timeless classic.
Made of a glass plate, supported by a base that unites three pieces of wood into a simple structure with a complex look, the coffee table immediately recalls the famous ribbon of the mathematician Moebius. With its rhythmic shapes, the Moebius table will suit a wide range of interiors.

Walnut stained beech / 12mm tempered glass

Brown, Clear

D70cm x H51cm

Objekto publishes furniture, luminaries and objects. The company distributes worldwide the creations of a selection of famous designers such as Paulo Mendes da Rocha or Maurício Klabin. Objekto breaks the current orthodoxy and monotony by publishing original yet functional products which convey a great emotional aspect. Under the inspired hands of the designers, folklore, constructivist and functionalist concepts are combined to give rise to sophisticated and innovative furniture while keeping the imagination and the poetry of the form.