Namsam Lantern

GUAXS glass is processed in small, exclusive factories which are specialized in producing small editions for international artists and designers. The craftsmen usually work as a team. In order to be successful, the teams need a high degree of skill and experience, coordination, and physical strength.

Mouthblown glass/hand-cut surface, Hand-Carved Wood

Sykamore/Smoke Grey, Clear/Sykamore
Due to handmade production, the color of the item may vary slightly.

Large: D27cm x H24cm
Planter Large: D27cm x H21cm
X-Large: D33cm x H33cm

Not all colors apply in all models, check in-store.

GUAXS objects are made of authentic and sustainable materials, manufactured by hand following practical knowledge and handicraft techniques developed over centuries. Each piece shows the variable traces of human work on its surface, creating interplay between sculptural form and texture. More specifically, the design of glass objects combines these aspects with a nuanced and strong color impression, leading to a smooth and natural appearance. This allows them to integrate well into any architecture, while remaining something special and magic at the same time.
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