Ball Bubble Pendant Lamp

The Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant is a full, perfectly round sphere that fills any interior with a warm, diffused light. A steel ceiling plate allows it to delicately float overhead. George Nelson was inspired by a set of silkcovered Swedish hanging lamps when he originally designed the Bubble Lamp series in 1952.

LIGHT SOURCE / E27 (not included) Max. 60W

SHADE: Webbing polymer.
FRAME TOP & BOTTOM RING: Coated and brushed metal and nickel.
CABLE: White PVC isolation.

Off White

SMALL: D32,5 cm x H30,5 cm
MEDIUM: D48,5 cm x H39,5 cm
LARGE: D68 cm x H59,5 cm

Cord Length: 183 cm

In 1952, George Nelson was inspired by a set of silk-covered Swedish hanging lamps that were lovely, but tedious to produce. He soon went to work designing his own series of lamps—and a more efficient process for making them. He used a resinous lacquer developed by the military for protecting decommissioned ships and planes. After spraying the lacquer over a wire cage, he coated the form in plastic to create a smooth, translucent skin. Today, Nelson Bubble Lamps are made the same way, with slight updates to extend their durability.