Taste Platter Round

Poetic charm: “Taste!” by Paola Navone
As for the previous Reichenbach designs Paola Navone also took a close look at the historical forms of the Thuringia manufacture for the new hotel-suitable china “Taste!”. Typical feature are broad, graphic-abstract contoured edges that interpret the neo-baroque examples from the Reichenbach stock up-to-date. New are the cups and saucers for espresso, tea and coffee.




The name Reichenbach has been closely linked to Thuringian porcelain painting since 1830. Artistic hand painting of the white porcelain piece and the trade in these products marked the first years of the Reichenbach porcelain tradition. In the year 1900 nine local porcelain painters joined together, founded a porcelain factory and laid the foundations for the factory on the current site. It´s situated favorably at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz, the junction of the motorways Munich- Berlin (A9) and Frankfurt- Dresden (A4). Following the tradition, the high proportion of qualifiedmanual work continues to shape their production till today. Their concept follows the motto “Old craftsmanship meets modern design”.