Uni Carpet

Hand knotted and plain/monochrome Uni carpet is made of wool 90% and cotton 10%. The name of the carpet refers to the word “unicolor / unicolour”. The color palette is soft earthy, colors are natural sheep wool colors (except black) that have not been chemically dyed. The uniqueness of the monochrome Uni carpet emphasizes the fineness of genuine wool and the natural sheep wool colors. In Uni-carpets, the genuine color of the wool slightly varies as natural colors use to be varied. For example, our Uni carpet color “ivory white” includes small amounts grey and brown wool colors which bring exquisite spots of color to the surface. Genuine wool color makes each carpet completely unique: Uni-word also refers to a unique and unique piece. It is therefore to be understood that color variation is not a mistake: it is an important point that indicates the true earthy origin of the material. The delicate pile is tight and low. Each corner is decorated with a braided wool fringe, which is reminiscent of craftsmanship. The braids can be removed if desired.

90% wool (pile and weft) 10% cotton (warp)

Ivory Grey, Grey, Camel, Light Grey

140×200 / 170×240 / 200×300 / 250×350 cm

Known for its rigorous standards, the Finnish company Woodnotes designs and manufactures products and concepts inspired by paper yarn for homes and public spaces. The original concept behind Woodnotes products was to combine artistic creativity inspired by Finland’s rugged nature with advanced technologies to shape of Finnish raw materials: wood and paper. Woodnotes is the first company in the world to use paper yarn in a contemporary way in functional textiles. The Woodnotes products collection, which has expanded over the years from carpets to a comprehensive concept, is recognized around the globe for elegant design and superior quality.