Weekend Garden Chair

The WEEK-END collection includes seats – a chair, a bridge, an armchair, a bench – tables – a coffee table, a square table for 2- 4 people, a large dining table for 6 -8 people and one for 8-10 people – and finally a high table and a high stool.


Gold, Burgundy, Black, White, Blue, Yellow

Garden: L50cm x W52cm  x H45/77cm
Bridge: L50cm x W57cm  x H45/77cm
Garden Armchair: L62cm x W66cm  x H40/77cm
Sofa: L121cm x W49cm x H77/SH40/SA70cm

Petite Friture is an ethos brand. When Petite Friture was founded in 2009, it had no aesthetic manifesto; its methodology was born of intuition, fascination and conviction. Be that as it may, the aesthetic vision of Petite Friture is palpable : Petite Friture boldly asserts its own distinctive aesthetic and a keen take on contemporary design. But beauty, here, is merely a pretext. A pretext for an encounter that breathes optimism and freedom ; that is generous and daring, open and demanding. An encounter that resonates and uplifts.
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