Where wide-eyed curiosity leads to new ideas. Where courage is part of the DNA. Where creative vision meets precise curation. Forgotten icons of the past brought together with tomorrow’s classics. Curiosity, courage, and creativity – GUBI is here to do things differently for the life you live. As you may already be aware, Ultimate Gray […]


Sixty years after the first Salone del Mobile, British designer and brand-owner Tom Dixon announces a tribute to the city and its key role in the world of design: 24 Hours in Milan, an event that will see him as a protagonist but in a hologram form. “ A year ago it was difficult to […]


“LIGHT IS A TRANSMISSIBLE MATERIAL” “Playing with the contrasts between materiality and immateriality, presence, absence, and revelation of light, La Lampe Frechin offers a sensitive experience of optics between science and magic. By confronting timeless materials, and a poetic approach to technology, it illuminates as much as it irradiates spaces.” DCW editions launches on February 23th its new creation, the […]


Arper is an Italian home, office and contract furniture company established in 1989. Environmental quality and sustainability together with the use of low-emitting recyclable materials are the cornerstones of Arper’s production policy. This is why in 2005 Arper set up an environmental team dedicated to controlling and managing product environmental impact from cradle to grave. […]


As the nights get longer and the days get more overcast, and we all get to spend more time indoors as winter closes in and this can encourage a sense of gloom. This is when we all must find ways to conquer our universal Fear of the Dark. Extensive research has demonstrated that good lighting […]


Autumn is settling in and we are looking forward to the chilly evenings by the fire in our so desirable homes right now. England is the ideal place for cocooning and the British design is proud for the exquisite and sustainable in the making. Founded in 1998 by Chris and Clare Turner, CTO Lighting have […]


Two of Denmark’s most traditional furniture manufacturers became one! Fredericia Furniture, together with Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, will represent one of the most comprehensive portfolios of iconic and modern furniture design rooted in the Danish design heritage. Two of Denmark’s most traditional furniture manufacturers became one when Fredericia Furniture acquired Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik on 1 October. […]


3 days of design has its roots in an old warehouse in Nordhavn, where it started as a joint initiative by four local brands:Montana, Erik Joergensen Anker & co and Kvadrat. In 2013, 3 days of design premiered, initially as a platform for these brands and an opportunity for them to invite guests into their world. […]


GUBI is a design house renowned for designing, developing and marketing a daring and elegant collection of furniture, lighting and interior objects that resonates across the globe. Its signature pieces evoke emotion and tell meaningful stories that make them both timeless and enduring. GUBI brings forgotten icons of the past together with tomorrow’s classics. The […]


Vibia is a Spanish architectural lighting brand, founded in 1987 and based in Barcelona, a lively and creative city especially in the field of design, culture and innovation. For Vibia light is life, it is one of the forces that have participated in the creation of the world, it shapes environments, furnishes, dresses objects and […]


Celebrate Summer with our Summer Offers coming in store this July! Sale up to 70%! It’s a great time to transform your backyard, patio or balcony into a fun, family-friendly outdoor space. And to make the inside of your home more comfortable so you can enjoy a relaxing, budget-friendly staycation. You can find in sale unique […]


Outdoor spaces are limited in a major city, but even a small balcony is a wonderful little bonus for every apartment. If you are lucky to have your own outdoor space, it can be the best hideaway to relax and enjoy some fresh air! The style of your home should seamlessly blend into the style […]


Being an admirer of the famous Chelsea Flower Show and being lucky working for it in the past it is always a great inspiration to garden like the British do! It is no wonder why we are all so fond of English gardens. With bright blossoms and lush topiary displays everywhere you look, it’s hard […]


As we are heading towards the end of May, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to the outdoor space we’ve been neglecting all winter long. Even though it’s outdoors, it’s still a part of our home and should feel connected to the rest of our space, so let’s give it some love. Living simply […]


Now that many of us are staying at home more than ever, creating a great outdoor space for summer is top on our lists! Living in Greece and being fortunate to live outside most of the time of the year it’s of our high duty to start preparing and shopping for our garden to be. […]


”I truly enjoy turning sketches into wooden prototypes with my own hands. Finding a concrete solution to implementing a detail after persistent experimenting is a fascinating moment!” The founder of Secto Design, Tuula Jusélius and designer Seppo Koho first met in 1995. From the very first time they met they knew they were kindred spirits; […]


‘Proceed calmly in Balance’ Rina Menardi is an Italian ceramist that is not easily forgotten. Highly influenced by sculpture, nature and organic forms. Her pieces could be described as art pieces, sculptures or designs to even poems, songs or plays. Rina Menardi’s collections are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship, where chromatism, aesthetics and […]


Notes on Bergamot, Cotton leaves, Bitter Orange, the sweet sour feel of Forest, Cassis flowers, the heart of Olive, Jasmine and Geranium flowers are some of the smells you can sense in Culti. The result of an intuition from the eclectic mind of Alessandro Agrati, Culti Milano was founded thirty two years ago, upon the […]


‘YESTERDAY was distressing, TODAY is unknown. TOMORROW is because we also need to be positive about what we do next’ There is a lot of tense and self isolation lately that is a very wise thought of sharing or taking inspiration from great people such as artists, designers, philosophers, scientists, saints, mainly influencers that with […]


“Linear marks the next chapter in our exciting story as we continue to blur the lines between home and fashion. A forward-thinking range of precision hardware that would work just as well on your bedside cabinet as it would your favourite handbag.” London-based interior design firm Buster + Punch has launched its Linear Collection, a […]