You can’t accuse Club of being dull! You can look at this carpet from any angle, but you will always be met by the stylishness of its glossy sheen. The woven Tencel thus perfectly meets the demand for a surface fabric as an alternative to silk. As regards the finishing, Limited Edition offers you full scope: you can choose from a narrow edge trim or a more striking finishing.

Woven 100% tencel

Oyster, Warm Sand, Camel, Basil, Quick Silver, Bluestone

All LE rugs can be made to measure
Maximum size for Club: 4 x 20 m
Available as broadloom and as rugs
Organic shape
Residential use

Limited Edition rugs only need a single glance to attract attention, but that is only because they are the result of hours – sometimes even days – of intensive manual work. Discover a surprising world of 100% Belgian, age-old craftsmanship and distinctive design.