Elixir Rug

Elixir is a tasteful addition to the new generation of plain weaves. A lovely combination, too, of old and new values: inspired by classical Oriental rugs, but given its own character and the latest colours. Elixir stands out in plain and neutral white, lends colour to your interior in saffron yellow and looks richly luxurious in cobalt blue, a colour that is making a strong comeback.

Woven 36% wool, 36% linen, 13% polyester, 9% viscose, 6% cotton

Ginger,Gunmetal.  Cobalt, Aquamarine,  Amberglow, Saffron, Pearl

All LE rugs can be made to measure
Maximum size for Elixir: 3,8 m x 20 m
Available in rugs only
Medium residential use

Limited Edition rugs only need a single glance to attract attention, but that is only because they are the result of hours – sometimes even days – of intensive manual work. Discover a surprising world of 100% Belgian, age-old craftsmanship and distinctive design.