Pacha Lounge Chair

Playful yet undeniably comfortable, the Gubi Pacha Lounge Chair mixes 70s modernist chic with a curvaceous shape to serve the natural form of the body.

Originally designed in 1975 by the legendary Frenchman Pierre Paulin, the Gubi Pacha lounge chair was shocking at the time for its rounded and bold form, ushering in a new age of design in a post-war, post-austerity era. Paulin consistently practised comfort as a starting point for his designs, with the Pacha chair being no different; curvaceous, organic shapes mix to support the natural shape of the body. The Pacha lounge chair represents Paulin’s philosophy of low-level living; a modern way of living and sitting on the floor.

Painted wooden base, fabric/leather upholstery

Painted wooden base Pearl Gold, Soft Black Semi Matt
Fabric/leather upholstery

Chair Dimensions: Height: 65cm x Width: 77cm x Depth: 85cm
Seat Dimensions: Height: 37cm x Width: 77cm x Depth: 54cm

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