Palazzo Rug

Palazzo is inspired by the opulent luxury of a Venetian palace. The rug is made from wool and a special yarn that is made from polyester and linen. It offers the same durability and softness as a wool rug, with added richness. Offering a luxurious look and feel, Palazzo is our ode to the enticing city of Venice.

Woven, 50% wool, 24% linen, 11% polyester, 10% cotton, 5% viscose

Parchment, String, Pinecone, Ochre, Chutney, Thyme, Gargoyle

All sizes can be made to measure
Maximum size: 5 x 20 m
Available in rugs only
Moderate commercial use

Limited Edition rugs only need a single glance to attract attention, but that is only because they are the result of hours – sometimes even days – of intensive manual work. Discover a surprising world of 100% Belgian, age-old craftsmanship and distinctive design.